Investing with BVCU

Your approach can be as simple or as complex as you are ready for it to be. You might have a single investment or be looking to have an all-encompassing financial plan that includes tax and estate planning. Maybe your approach is somewhere in between.

We have access to a range of products and approaches for you to choose from. We are happy to help you pick what works best for your lifestyle and adapt it as you need.

Let us help you grow into your future. The sky is the limit.

Planning your investment strategy

Built your portfolio from a great range of popular products and investment tools.
term deposit

Term Deposit

A Term Deposit or GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is a safe, low-risk investment.
tax free savings


Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) help you get the most out of your investing as you earn interest without being taxed on it. 
RSP nest egg


Registered Retirement Savings Plans or RRSP help you save for retirement.


The First Home Savings Account gives Canadians a powerful tool to help them get closer to their dream of home ownership.


Registered Education Savings Plans help you save for a loved one’s post-secondary education.


A Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) helps you manage your money after retirement. 
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