Board of Directors

Our Board

Our Board of Directors ensures that our business strategies are aligned with the best interests of our members. Directors are BVCU members who are elected by their fellow members, for our members.

Our Board's mandate includes the overall responsibility and authority for the strategic direction of the credit union including leadership, stewardship, corporate governance, and monitoring performance.

The bottom line? The Board is in charge of making sure we're headed in the best direction for our members, that we have a solid plan for getting there. The Board meets at least 6 times each year. Directors also serve on board committees to share their expertise on specific topics, like governance.

Meet our Directors

Ron Daschle

Chair, Calgary

Sheila Murphy

Director, Airdrie

Kevin Karpovich

Vice Chair & Secretary, Calgary

Doug Cameron

Director, Calgary

Paul Stutz

Director, Cochrane

Rich Mottram

Director, Banff

Wayne Lenhardt

Director, Cochrane

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