Promotional Offers

Build credit for the life you want.

It's never too early to dream big!

Apply for a credit card now so you can start building your credit score and gain the skills you need to manage money effectively. To get you started, you will receive a $75 statement credit after your application has been approved!

Choose the card that fits you best (no annual fee, cash rewards, low interest rates, rewards cards...); there are so many benefits to be enjoyed! We also offer tools to help you pay and manage your account online, set up recurring payments for subscriptions, and see your spending at a glance to make budgeting easier.

Exclusive privileges with your Visa!

Enjoy Welcome Points When You Sign Up!

Your everyday spend just got more rewarding!

Welcome Points available! Redeem for your choice of gift cards, travel experiences or cash rewards equivalent of up to $150 in the form of a statement credit.
  • Centra Gold: 5,000 welcome points (cash equivalent: $50)
  • Visa Infinite: 15,000 welcome points (cash equivalent: $150)

Along with building valuable rewards, you'll also enjoy extra-value insurance to help protect most items purchased with your card.

Looking to consolidate your balances to pay them off faster?

3.9% Balance Transfer Offer

We care about your financial health and well-being.

That’s why we want you save on annual interest charges.  Enjoy a no-fee balance transfers at a 3.9% interest rate for six months (terms and conditions apply, offer excludes US Dollar Visa).

Simply log on to MyCardInfo to transfer your credit card balances or ask us in branch to give you a hand.   There is nothing else for you to do except enjoy this no-fee balance transfer offer!

Fee Rebate
Depending on your chequing account package, you may be entitled to a fee rebate on your BVCU Visa Card! If you aren't sure if this applies to you, ask your branch to find out. To apply for the rebate, complete this form annually.

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