Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

2023 has been an amazing year!

From our strong applicants who applied in 2023 for a BVCU scholarship, we would like to thank everyone who applied and congratulate our winners:
  • Emily Leary
  • Ethan Stirling
  • Katherine Chan
  • Sarah Senft
  • Trevor Hume

Previous Winners

  • Brandon Birkbeck
  • Gavin Fung 
  • Harry Logan 
  • Jolie Jony 
  • Caitlin St. Amour won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award
  • Mikaela Murphy won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award
  • Nole Paradoski won the BVCU Award
  • Nisha Lahey won the BVCU Award
  • Brandon De Carlo (Cooper’s Town Branch) won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award;
  • Devon Jesse (Cochrane Branch) won an Academic Achievement Award;
  • Jenna Murphy (Canmore Branch) won the second Academic Achievement Award;
  • Mackenzie Cox (Cooper’s Town Branch) won the Community & Leadership Award; and
  • Dylan Ogle (Canmore Branch) won the second Community & Leadership Award.
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