BVCU Student Awards

Our 2024 Scholarship Program will be kicking off in May 2024! Check back soon for criteria, applications, and all the info you need to know.

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

2023 has been an amazing year!

From our strong applicants who applied in 2023 for a BVCU scholarship, we would like to thank everyone who applied and congratulate our winners:
  • Emily Leary
  • Ethan Stirling
  • Katherine Chan
  • Sarah Senft
  • Trevor Hume

Previous Winners

  • Brandon Birkbeck
  • Gavin Fung 
  • Harry Logan 
  • Jolie Jony 
  • Caitlin St. Amour won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award
  • Mikaela Murphy won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award
  • Nole Paradoski won the BVCU Award
  • Nisha Lahey won the BVCU Award
  • Brandon De Carlo (Cooper’s Town Branch) won the Jack Paterson Memorial Award;
  • Devon Jesse (Cochrane Branch) won an Academic Achievement Award;
  • Jenna Murphy (Canmore Branch) won the second Academic Achievement Award;
  • Mackenzie Cox (Cooper’s Town Branch) won the Community & Leadership Award; and
  • Dylan Ogle (Canmore Branch) won the second Community & Leadership Award.
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