About Us

Live the Credit Union Difference with BVCU

At Bow Valley Credit Union, we’re committed to providing exceptional banking, features, services, security, and advice so our members can get everything they want from their money and their lives. We offer a full suite of personal and commercial banking products and services, and a team to help our members be financially fit.

At BVCU, our members are owners.  That means that any profit we make goes right back into improving our products and services and innovating new ways to enhance our members' lives.  We’re deeply committed to our communities and members, so much so that our members are at the centre of everything we do. It is woven into our DNA to provide a responsive, friendly, and effective means to financial security.

Our approach to banking is based on our values.  For us, banking with purpose means connecting values with finances. BVCU's values include cooperation, integrity, innovation, service, inclusion, and citizenship. These values coupled together with our people (not only our members but also our employees and partners) make us stronger. Together, we will continue working towards financial fitness while supporting strong local communities.
Banking is what we do
We take pride in building life-long relationships with our members. Not a member? Change where you bank and live the BVCU difference.
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