Business Savings

Saving your cash to make more

Give your business the tools it needs to keep your business's financial health and plan for the future with the perfect savings account.

Keeping your money easily accessible at your fingertips, a BVCU savings account can do a lot for you.  Savings accounts offer a low risk option for safe-guarding your cash and are eligible for 100% Deposit Protection from the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.
Business Savings
No matter what your savings goal is, this account can help you get there.

  • Free! No minimum account balance required.
  • 2 free transactions a month ($3.00/ea over 2)
  • Earn daily tiered interest on your closing balance (paid monthly)

We have Safety Deposit Boxes!

Gain peace of mind and secure your most important documents and items in a safety deposit box. All branch locations offer secure and fire safe deposit box rentals to members in a convenient range of sizes. Give your local branch a call to see what they have available. 
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