Common Shares

Invest in Bow Valley Credit Union

Interested in making common shares part of your investment strategy? Good news - it’s easy. 

You can purchase up to $175,000 Common Shares per membership for just $1.00 per share, (minimum $25.00) to help diversify your portfolio. Annual profit share is paid based on the combined total of Common Shares purchased plus any of your accumulated dividends. Common Shares are RSP, TFSA, and RIF eligible.

Every member receives Dividend Payments for their Common Shares!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The rate of return fluctuates and is determined by the Board of Directors each year.
  • The rate of return is announced in December each year, with an April dividend payment date.
  • Dividends will be paid based on the balance in your Common Share as of October 31, back into your common share account.
  • For example, with the profit share paid in 2022, would have worked out to be a 6.48% dividend on each common share.

*Fine print: past performance is not an indicator of future performance

  • The maximum amount of common shares you can purchase for each membership is $175,000 at this time.
  • Registered accounts can build further with annual dividends.
  • An additional option, you can maximize your contribution by stacking your memberships.
    • How can I do this? By having a single account, joint account you would now qualify for two memberships and have the ability to invest up to $175,000 in each membership. This may include children, business, or other joint accounts.
  • Take advantage of dividend payments.
  • It’s an investment in BVCU.
  • If you like what we do and our values, by helping build our common share position we can continue to grow, reach more members, and continue to support financial needs.
  • This is a long-term investment in BVCU.
  • Redemption of Common Shares is subject to preconditions. Common Shares cannot be redeemed if the Credit Union is insolvent or, in certain other cases.
  • All special withdrawal requests will be subject to approval.
  • Unlike the rest of our deposit accounts, Common Share accounts are not guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.
  • No, members have one common share account and funds are not separate.
  • No, BVCU wants to stick to our grassroots as a cooperative; therefore, one member has one vote, regardless of share ownership.
  • Once you reach the maximum amount of shares held ($175,000) and continue to receive dividend payments.
  • Once members reach $200,000, dividends will be paid as cash.
  • Registered accounts will continue to pay back into your investment.
  • Please note the common share maximum may be increased at Annual General Meetings and voted on by the membership.
  • You can view e-statements through your on-line banking.

Are you ready to invest in BVCU Common Shares?

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