Get Your Slice of the Pie

You won’t see many banks sharing their profits with their customers. Happily, we’re not a bank. At Bow Valley Credit Union, you are our member, and that’s special .

When you open your Bow Valley Credit Union account, you become one of our members by purchasing Common Shares. When we make a profit, you get a piece of it as a common share dividend payment, based on the amount of common shares you hold. It's what we know is right. The more common shares you hold the more you stand to get back in your pocket. We call it getting Your Slice of the Pie, and it’s what set us apart from other financial institutions.

We promise, there’s no catch, just cash back. A lot to take in? When you compare that shareholders own banks while every member of our Credit Union is an owner, it changes the picture. Let's focus on the banking with strength where you get common share dividend payments for being our member. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are being made on April 29, 2024!

For 2023, the Board of Directors have announced a 6.5% dividend payment on all common share balances for Bow Valley members! 

Profits paid to our members through dividends are based on Bow Valley Credit Union financial performance throughout the year. The Board determines the total profit payout at the end of each fiscal year.

All BVCU members have common shares account. It’s what you get for the $25 you pay when you open an account. Members can purchase up to $175,000 common shares per membership for just $1.00 per share (minimum $25.00), to help diversify a member’s portfolio. Annual dividends are paid based on the combine total of common shares purchased plus any of the accumulated dividends. Common shares are RSP, TFSA, and RIF eligible.
Banking with Alberta Strength
It really does pay! We live to share our success with our members. Want to know how to optimize your dividend payment?
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