More than just a bank account.

Karen, Calgary, AB

More than just a bank account.
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Karen has been banking with Bow Valley Credit Union for over 17 years.

A single mom for many years, she has been aiming to be debt free before she retires. Karen has been working with her branch manager during difficult times to ensure she is always on the right track. Something she is forever grateful for.

“I have been a member of the BVCU for 17+ years and it has been the best working relationship that I have ever had with a banking facility.”

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A lifeline you can talk to

Being a single mom, Karen has found great value in the line of credit. It has helped her considerably during difficult periods of her life. It's her emergency lifeline.

Through online banking Karen is able to manage this from the comfort of her own home when she needs to.

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“The staff is just nice in all aspects of the banking facility, nice to converse with, answering all my questions, always has the time to point me in the right direction.”

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