Bring your money with you.

Joseph & Karen, Airdrie, AB

Bring your money with you.
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Joe and Karen, originally from Chilliwack, BC, picked up and moved to Airdrie to be closer to their grandchildren.

With two grandchildren in Edmonton, and a younger one in Airdrie, these two live for their family.

Having banked at a credit union in BC, Bow Valley was able to help them get everything transferred from Chilliwack to Airdrie, set up a mortgage, and even help them set up accounts for the grandchildren, investments and RRSPS.

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Investing in the people

With such a strong focus on community, they were thrilled to see the commitment and belonging they felt when they walked through the doors of Bow Valley Credit Union for the first time.

Being retired they both love to travel, so when not spending time with the grandchildren, they have been out seeing the world. They’ve made a habit of spending a month in Mexico and have been exploring the many sights and heritage of Europe almost every second year.

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“We have always banked at a credit union, for all of our married lives. We like the way we’re treated, how personable it is … we came in and we really enjoyed the people.”

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