A connection back home.

Ali, Canmore, AB

A connection back home.
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Ali has been banking at BVCU since she was born.

Her parents set up an account for her, and she’s been here ever since. Living in Canmore, she opted to leave the mountains behind for a little while and take her Bachelor of Science in Nanimo, BC.

Before she set off to the island, Ali had the good fortune of winning the $500 scholarship from BVCU.

“Being able to pay back student loans is probably the biggest thing for me that I’m worried about in the future.”

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Take BVCU with you, wherever you go

Being far away, she is still able to keep a connection back home. Her sister is also going to school on the island, so she is able to stay with her, and play hockey in her spare time.

You can still bank at BVCU while living out of province. Online banking and our Ding Free ATM network makes it easy to take advantage of all the BVCU products while attending school away from home.

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“They were actually a big help, I just called them because I was in school. And they were emailing me back and forth… That was really great.”

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