Cooper's Town Grand Opening

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers for coming out to the Grand Opening and helping out with a big smile, the event would not have been a success without you!

The petting zoo, face painting and growing together station were a hit with the kids (and parents), as was the cake (hopefully Theresa finally got the blue frosting off her fingers!).


Air 106.1 did a great job broadcasting live on location, and the Airdrie City View newspaper also came out to take photos to feature the event in their paper. Thank you to team members Todd, Val and Gord for manning the BBQ all day, the hotdogs and burgers were flying off the shelf to the point where we had to bring in more food! Mayor Brown, MLA Angela Pitt and a representative from MP Blake Richards office joined Larry and Sheila to cut the ribbon and had wonderful things to say about BVCU.

Over all, the event was a HUGE success with over 300 people join us to celebrate, and once again, thank you to all of our many volunteers—Heldar for helping us set up in the morning, Janaye for being our furry friends assistant, Lisa and Charlotte for painting MANY faces, Carri & Elsbeth for planting what seemed like an entire forest, Christine for popping a cinemas worth of popcorn, Byron and Theresa for greeting all of our guests, Nicole for celebrating and taking photos of the ATM prize winners, and Melanie & Marla for being our official ’floaters’. Also a big thank you to Sheila & Salva for working through the craziness of the day, and Vin, Liz, Mira, Sara, and Larry for spending the last few months planning the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly! Great job everyone and congratulation to the Cooper’s Town team on their new branch!



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