RSP Loan Promotion

It's RRSP Season

Looking to top up your RRSP, but don't have the funds in hand today to do it? We have a couple of options that may suite you and your lifestyle. Talk to us - we'd love to help you RSVP for RRSP season and take a good step towards your retirement.
  • Borrow between $1,000 to $20,000
  • Low variable interest rate to top up your RRSP
  • First payments can be deferred for up to 3 months (translation: you don't need to pay for 3 months!)
  • Terms up to 5 years with blended payments which are automatically debited from your account

RRSP Line of Credit
  • Lines of Credit available, starting at $2,500 and up to up to $20,000
  • Low variable interest rate
  • Repay your RRSP Line of Credit at your own pace
  • For the first 3 months while you are waiting for your tax return, you only need to pay the interest on what you've borrowed 
  • Up to a 3 year term

Get ready to invest

Features & Benefits
If you are asking yourself, what's in it for me, here's your answer!
  • Maximize your RRSP contribution for the year
  • Catch up on any RRSP contribution not made in previous years
  • Take advantage of tax benefits now while saving for your retirement
  • Get a competitive interest rate
Get Ready!
Looking to get ready to get your RRSP loan or line of credit? Here's what you need to get started:
  • Letter of Employment on company letterhead (from within the past 30 days)
  • Two original paystubs (from within the past 30 days) or
  • T1 General & previous tax year NOA (Notice of Assessment)
  • Self-employed: Two years of business financial statements, income tax return (income & expense schedule included) and two years of NOA’s (Notice of Assessment’s)
  • Current photo identification
Terms & Conditions
The fine print:
  • On approved credit only and other restrictions and conditions may apply
  • BVCU rates are subject to change without notice
  • Limited time offer

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