Fraud Prevention: Be Aware of Scammers!

BVCU is committed to helping our members protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. By learning about the exposure risks, you can change your habits to reduce the risks, and know what steps to take if you are a victim.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented global event. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused apprehension globally and scammers have taken notice.

 Emergencies offer golden opportunities for con artists to launch fraudulent campaigns that feed off, and cash in on, the climate of concern by playing on people’s fears or evoking feelings of compassion.

 It’s a scammer’s dream: an anxious population, vulnerable people at the highest risk, excessive demand for goods no longer in stock, and masses of disinformation sloshing around on social media – all this equates to a massive opportunity to prey on people and attempt to defraud them while they are at their most susceptible.

 Remaining vigilant, identifying and ignoring the product of cybercriminals and cyber-nuisances involved in scams or fake news is essential.

 Here are some of the basics that will help you stay safe:

  • Remember that Bow Valley Credit Union will never ask for your account information!
  • Ignore communications that ask for your personal information. If necessary, verify the contents of the message with the apparent sender or the organization that they (seemingly) represent, and do so via a different medium than the received message.
  • Avoid clicking on any links or downloading any attachments in unsolicited emails or texts from unknown sources, or even in trusted sources unless you’re absolutely sure that the message is authentic.
  • Be especially wary of emails that add to the sense of alarm and urge you to take immediate action or offer COVID-19 vaccines or cures.
  • Look out for fraudulent charities or crowdfunding campaigns.

 Awareness is an integral part of prevention. Check out the valuable tips and information included within Credit Union Central of Canada’s Fraud Awareness Booklet.

The Little Black Book of Scams will help you familiarize yourself with common fraud tactics and what warning flags to looks for.

If you are a business member, the Business Cyber-Security Tips guide will help you take proactive steps to protect your business from online fraud.



  • To contact your nearest branch for assistance during regular business hours, call 1-800-207-0068.
  • For lost or stolen debit cards, call 1-888-277-1043
  • For lost or stolen Collabria credit cards, call 1-855-341-4643 (Canada/U.S. or 1-515-343-8995(International Collect)

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