Bow Valley Credit Union Collabria® Visa* Personal Credit Card

A credit card offers convenience, peace of mind, and a secondary source of payment at various merchants and service providers. It has become a necessity in today’s payment world when booking flights, making online purchases, renting a vehicle, or even reserving tickets to your favorite football game. If managed correctly, it can also be a way to build, improve, and maintain good credit. Essentially a credit card offers you a access to a revolving line of credit with an approved limit. The cardholder promises to pay back any amounts charged on their card plus other agreed upon charges including any interest charges based on the interest rate established for a certain period of time. 

If managed well, the right credit card will also provide you with some additional benefits and features. With a Bow Valley Credit Union Collabria Visa* Personal Credit Card, your card may be small enough to fit in your wallet, but it’s packed with big benefits — from rewards that add to your enjoyment to security features that add protection. Bow Valley Credit Union offers 7 personal cards credit cards, 1 US currency card, and 3 business credit cards. To learn more about our full suite of cards and benefits they carry, please visit: 


Everybody loves getting free stuff. Using your Bow Valley Credit Union Collabria Visa* Credit Card makes getting free stuff even easier. For a look at the FlexRewards catalogue, please visit:



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