Direct Alerts

Your First Line of Defence!

Let Bow Valley Credit Union help you guard against account fraud!  Keep track of your accounts and add another level of security to your Online Banking experience with our Alerts feature.  Keep track of your accounts and be alerted by text message, email, or both.

These alerts add additional protection to allow you to identify and report potential fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.

What Types of Alerts are Available?

There are currently five security alerts available: 

Type of Alert Why Should I use this Alert?
Online login Alerts you every time your account has been logged into
INTERAC eTransfer recipient added Alerts you when an INTERAC eTransfer recipient has been added to your account
Password changed Alerts you if you or someone else has changed your password
Account locked - security questions Alerts that your account is locked after you, or some unauthorized person, have tried unsuccessfully to log into your account three times
New bill payment vendor account added Alerts you if a new bill payment vendor has been added to your account

How do I Sign Up?

To sign up for alerts, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Log into Bow Valley Credit Union Internet Banking.
  2. Navigate to the Messages and Alerts tab and click on Get Started Today to display the Mobile Alerts page.  Choose Add Contacts.
  3. You will be asked to accept the Alerts Agreement before you can complete your registration.
  4. From here, add an email contact, phone contact (or both!) and follow the instructions received in the confirmation email or text.
  5. Next, select account nicknames and choose which alerts you’d like to receive.
  6. Ensure the check box beside the contact (email address and/or mobile phone) to receive the alert has been checked by choosing Manage Alerts and selecting the alerts you wish to receive.   Click Submit.
  7. You’re all set!

Managing Your Alerts Service

In addition to receiving your Direct Alerts via email or text, you can review the last 30 days of Alerts History in Internet Banking – just click on the Alerts history link on the Alerts page. You can also manage your alerts by editing the contact information, account nicknames or by choosing different alerts to be received.  You can access all of these functions from the Manage Alerts tab.
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) please click here.

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